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Amateur sports writer from the great state of Texas.

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I am a sports fanatic from Houston going to school in San Antonio, whose still finding my way in life. But there is one thing is one thing for certain, Sportscenter is my 6 o'clock news...

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Decent at poker and basketball, seeing things with an open mind

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Ryan Moats, You Are a Better Man Than Me... posted on 03/30/2009

By now we've all heard the story and probably seen the video. Houston Texans running back Ryan Moats was driving his family to the Baylor Regional Medical Center in the Dallas Suburb of Plano, to make it to see his mother-in-law as she was in critical condition. She was suffering from breast cancer, and they had been told she didn't have much time. Moats put on his hazards, and by his account rolled through a red light after making sure the way was clear. Officer Robert Powell was parked nearby and attempted to pull him over. Moats continued to drive a short distance to the hospital, as Powell pursued. As he pulled up near the entrance of the hospital, the family jumped out of the car. Officer Powell instructed them to get back in the car, but Moats wife Tamishia and another family member ran inside. Ryan Moats tried explaining the situation to Officer Powell, who over the course of the next thirteen minutes would not listen, and herein lies the controversy.

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Do Houston fans miss Rafer aka Skip to my Lou? posted on 03/16/2009

I was at my day job when I first read it on my phone, Rockets deal Alston to Magic for Cook, Lowry. It took a moment to sink in. We traded Rafer? Not McGrady? Not Artest? Was this the move thats going to put us over the top? I didn't know what to think. I didn't know who to ask. I didn't even know who Cook and Lowry were. ESPN was touting this as the biggest trade of the deadline, saying Rafer was the missing piece for the Magic as they had lost Jameer Nelson for the season.

That could be. After all, Rafer was our leader, the floor general who we so desperately needed in the playoffs last year. He might have his nights where he was 1 for 9 with more turnovers than assists. Those nights where he couldn't hit the bottom of the net if it the goal was the size of a medicine ball. But he meant more than that, didn't he? Some would say he gave us heart, attitude, toughness. He doesn't miss many games, and he always left everything he had on the court.

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